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At Boston Drum Lessons we offer online and in-person private drum lessons in Boston, MA, to students of all ages, styles and skill levels. Our goal is a simple one: Teach you how to be a great drummer.

Our expert drum instructors start your journey by customizing a learning plan to match each student’s needs. We meet with you to learn more about your personality, music interests and goals before creating an individualized plan.

We start everyone off learning or reviewing the fundamentals of drumming. This includes technique, rhythm, sticking patterns, rudiments, drumset independence and coordination. Depending on your interests we will learn or hone these elements of drumming through the music genres you love like rock, pop, hip-hop, jazz, metal, punk, indie, world, blues, soul, funk and more. The process of studying genres and playing songs also means developing more complex elements of drumming and music like listening, time, feel, dynamics, orchestration, phrasing and most importantly, groove. 

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We believe discovery is the best system of learning. This is why we challenge all our students to explore and create music for themselves. Through our guided expertise, we will help drum students of all levels create beats, grooves and parts to be used in songs, improvising or creative soloing.  

So, whether you’re looking for a new hobby, are getting ready to start a band or are dreaming of going pro, we have a class for you. All of our drum teachers are highly educated, professional drummers with years of experience. We’re passionate about what we do and make learning fun for both kids and adults.


Kyle and Blaize are fantastic - very professional but they also create a very personalized experience. My son has been working with Blaize for about a year and has made remarkable progress. Blaize is patient and also knows how to generate excitement. I have been learning a lot as well! I recommend them without hesitation and I hope they are successful - Boston needs talented musicians teaching the next generation!
— Rob. W
If there is anything I am sure of, it is that Kyle is the kind of teacher that works well with drummers of all abilities. As a Boston resident, I can’t think of anyone else I would rather go to for drum lessons.
— Brian P.
Boston Drum Lessons is the best. Josh is an amazing instructor and really cares about your development as a drummer. Always leave my lessons super happy and energized!
— Alexandra A.
Josh has been a really great teacher who caters to the specific needs of his students. After figuring out exactly what I wanted to accomplish as a drummer, he has helped me achieve these goals. He’s very knowledgable on time signatures, rudiments, grooves and licks, and I would definitely recommend him to any student out there looking to take up drum lessons.
— Marquis H.
Two things are required for a world-class musician: foremost, a unbridled passion for your art or craft; and secondly, a willingness to grow continuously. Without a doubt, Kyle has both and will share them with you in every drum lesson.”

Over the last decade, Kyle has proven himself by pouring thousands of hours into drumming, and growing himself in just about every style of drumming you can name - from jazz, to rock, and playing in groups as varied as nightlife cover bands to some of the best drumlines in the world, to name a few. Let him share what he’s learned with you, with the same passion and commitment to growth.

Kyle will take the musician and drummer you are now and turn you into a rock-solid player, with the confidence and ability to adapt to any musical context, and have fun while you’re doing it. For these reasons, I highly recommend Kyle if you’re looking to take drum lessons!
— Jesse H.
I wanted to introduce my 5 year old to a passion he has long since harbored (if banging sticks on anything and everything is an indicator) and I couldn’t have found a better instructor. Kyle was terrific with my son and immediately put him at ease. Most importantly, Kyle made drumming fun for him. He provided age-appropriate strategies for learning while encouraging him to rock out at the same time in every lesson. Thank you, Kyle!
— Dana J.
I’ve been taking lessons with Blaize for a few months now and am seeing huge improvements in my playing. I really like the structure of the lessons which focuses on having fun and learning combined with practical application of various techniques. I would definitely recommend Boston Drum Lessons...
— Daniel A.
I would recommend Boston Drum Lessons to any drummer at any skill level looking to improve speed, technique, and their library of grooves and fills. I plan on working with Josh long-term to take my chops to the next level.
— Ian M.

With a convenient location at 52 Everett St in Allston, MA, Boston Drum Lessons is easy to get to for drummers in Cambridge, Brookline, Newton and the rest of the Greater Boston Area. Get in touch with us today to get started by scheduling a drum lesson

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