Fees: All lessons must be purchased before meeting with Boston Drum Lessons instructors for scheduled lessons. We offer two types of payment options: subscription plans and individual pay-as-you-go lessons.

Subscription plans automatically charge registered students the cost of two lessons (either 30 or 60 minute) every two weeks from the date of sign-up. Subscription plans are ongoing and continuous until cancelled or suspended. Desired cancellations or suspensions of plans should be communicated to Boston Drum Lessons with two weeks notification. See below to learn more about temporarily suspending plans.

Pay-as-you-go students must purchase their individual lessons directly from the pricing page on our website before scheduling their lesson. Unlimited lessons can be purchased through the pay-as-you-go payment option.  

Boston Drum Lessons will not be able to confirm a lesson time with an instructor on our schedule until payment for either pay-as-you-go or subscriptions is confirmed. Additionally, Boston Drum Lessons does not issue refunds for lessons purchased. All purchased time with instructors should be scheduled and used accordingly.

Suspended Subscription Plan: You have the right to suspend automatic payments temporarily at anytime. If you cannot continue to take lessons with Boston Drum Lessons for an estimated time period, with planned return and continuation of lessons expected in the future, we will temporarily suspend automatic charges for your subscription plan until your return. Students looking to temporarily suspend their account must provide two weeks notice for account suspension and a date of return to continue payments. For more information contact kyle@bostondrumlessons.com.

Scheduling: Subscription plan students must agree on a weekly meeting time to meet with their instructor. If you need to reschedule your lesson you must use the instructor schedule to book your new lesson time with your instructor. As scheduling changes constantly, we cannot ensure that available lesson slots reflected on the online calendar will be entirely up to date to the minute. If there is a conflict with your requested reschedule time your instructor will contact you directly to schedule an alternative time. 

Un-Enrolling: You may cancel your subscription plan at anytime. However, no refunds can be issued. Two weeks notification is required of all students seeking un-enrollment.  If seeking un-enrollment, please contact kyle@bostondrumlessons.com directly to organize your exit, cancel automatic withdrawals from your account and participate in a brief survey for us to improve our services. 

Cancellations & Makeup Lessons: We require a minimum 24 hours of cancellation notification for all scheduled lessons. If you respond within the 24 hour window you can reschedule your lesson with no financial penalty. If rescheduling within this timeframe, please check the calendar and email your teacher to communicate the change and suggest a different time to meet for your lesson. To cancel drum lessons please complete our en-enrollment form at this page

Running Late: If you arrive late to your lesson we cannot guarantee that our teachers will be able to meet for the entire purchased, scheduled time. Making up additional time during your lesson is entirely at the discretion of the teacher and the situation. Please communicate with them directly if running late. 

Teacher Cancellations: If your teacher has to cancel we will attempt to provide a substitute. If we are unable to provide a substitute you are entitled to a makeup lesson or in special cases, reimbursement. Please inquire by email to discuss these options.

Online Lessons: Same lesson fees and subscription plans outlined on the pricing page apply for online lessons. We use Skype and Google Hangouts to teach online. If an online lesson is requested the student will be scheduled on the same instructor calendar as in-person lessons, with the expectation that student and instructor will meet online for the agreed upon time. 

State Of Emergency: If a state of emergency is declared or there is an outstanding circumstance that would warrant a shut down of public transportation or use of the roads, Boston Drum Lessons may cancel lessons in response. Any lessons cancelled due to uncontrollable circumstances will fall under the makeup policy and all students will receive the opportunity to reschedule their lessons. 

Information Privacy Policy: Music pursuits are driven by performances and publicity. Photos, videos or recordings that we take of you or your child may be used for educational and promotional purposes on the web. Your privacy is very important to us, and we will honor all requests to keep your information private.