Meet the Boston Drum Lessons Instructors 

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All the instructors at Boston Drum Lessons are professional drummers who’ve spent years devoted to developing their drumming, performance and teaching skills. Our goal is to ensure that you or your child receives the best music education they can, which is why our drum center near Somerville, MA, only hires the best music teachers in the Boston area. Together we work to inspire and share our passion for percussion with drummers of all skill levels. From beginners who are eager to learn to play the drums to intermediate drummers working on developing their skills to advanced players dreaming of going pro, we will customize our drum classes to fit each of our students’ unique needs. 

Kyle Harris, Drum Instructor in Boston, MA

Kyle Harris

With over 19 years of drumming experience Kyle has been leading the Boston Drum Lessons team since its beginnings in 2015. Kyle's approach to drumming is one that blends complex rhythmic and dynamic systems (influenced from his time performing with nationally competitive drumlines and percussion ensembles) with improvisation and a sense of groove. His goal as a drummer is to constantly push to improve as an improviser, writer, performer and to always search for new ways to express himself on the drums.

Currently, Kyle has been playing drumset with Blue Man Group in Boston since 2016. Additionally, he writes, performs and creates with local bands That One Eyed KidBen Levin Group and Shibui. 

Josh Merhar, Drum Instructor in Boston, MA

Josh Merhar

Josh has been playing the drums for over 15 years and joined Boston Drum Lessons in 2015. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Josh has been heavily influenced by the tremendous talent of his peers, his instructors and a wide array of music styles, particularly complex music encompassing advanced rhythmic concepts. These forces, combined with working closely alongside forward-thinking musicians, have pushed him to forge a mathematical, outside-the-box approach to the drums. 

Since 2008, Josh has performed live on over 300 occasions around the mid Atlantic and New England regions. He can be heard on recordings of various genres including alternative rock, progressive metal, jazz and blues rock. Josh currently performs with the Boston-based groups Vitamin Sun and GEPH

Blaize Collard, Drum Instructor in Boston, MA

Blaize Collard

Blaize has been developing his drum set technique for over 16 years and earned his degree in Performance at Berklee College of Music. Because his early years were rooted in funk and hip-hop, he was able to uniquely mix his perspective of groove with the progressive rock and metal influences he later drew upon. This keeps him striving for new, exciting ways to play the drums, while maintaining an appreciation for the foundation laid by the drum greats before us. 

Currently, Blaize is an international touring and session drummer with various groups and artists. He performs and records with VGO - Video Game Orchestra, Replacire, and Chuggernaut. You can also find him behind the kit live with Southern City Band and on recordings with Paco Higdon.


Seth Botos

A force behind the drums for over 15 years and a graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music, you would be hard pressed to find a musical situation that Seth Botos is unfamiliar with.  From musical theater to heavy metal, from the living room to the concert hall, Seth has lent his diverse percussive abilities to performances and recordings with a wide array of bands, theater troupes, orchestras, and solo artists.  Seth regularly performs with Lesser Glow, Juan Bond, and the Mike Payette Band

Seth has been teaching drum set and percussion in his own practice and through various educational institutions since 2005.  His experience in many genres of music and varied performance situations makes him uniquely situated to gear lessons toward whatever the student wants to learn while emphasizing fundamentals.  Want to play Jazz?  Metal?  Musical Theater?  Funk?  Seth can help!