At Boston Drum Lessons, we love working with our adult students and pride ourselves on offering the best drum lessons for adults near Brookline, MA. There is a misconception in the education of music that it is a pursuit restricted for the youth. That if you didn't start young you will never be great. But in fact, studying music as an adult may be more advantageous than you think. Yes kids are like sponges, but  adults who study music have a leg up on kids for multiple reasons:

  1. They have more developed ears from a lifetime of listening to music.

  2. Adults have more developed brains, making it easier to understand more abstract concepts.

  3. You understand discipline and how to maintain it in your life.

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Plus, the benefits you gain from learning the drums are massive:

Life Benefits: 

  1. Develop greater cognitive functioning

  2. Relaxing, meditative and therapeutic

  3. Boost your immune system

  4. Combat stress, depression and neurological conditions

  5. Physically demanding so you can live healthy and happy

Work Benefits:

By learning the drums, you will develop creativity and storytelling abilities in a completely new way. Drumming itself is a language. And when developing fluency on the instrument we learn how to communicate in a clear and effective way to make an impactful statement. Ever struggle with public speaking or trying to communicate a complex idea in a simple, digestible way? Understanding rhythm can help you improve. This and much more can give you an advantage over your colleagues and put you in a position to perform well every day while creating better, more creative and engaging work.