Curious? We thought so…

Join us on Saturday, October 19 from 4-7pm to see what all the hype is.

FREE Admission

Located at Studio 52: 52 Everett st, Allston, MA 02134

Music is meant to be shared. Fundamentally a collaborative and community oriented artistic pursuit, music is best experienced live with an audience. It’s satisfying, fulfilling, and….SCARY!

Performing live is always a bit exposing and nerve racking. And that’s exactly why we make it our effort to give each student the opportunity to perform for the Boston Drum Lessons community of students, friends and family twice per year.

As instructors and professional musicians on staff, we’ve all had the opportunity to perform hundreds, maybe thousands of times in front of live audiences. That experience develops a lot of skill and comfort with sharing your work in a live forum. Our goal with the student showcase is to give students the chance to prepare and perform a song, solo or other arrangement of their choosing to get the necessary experience needed to develop comfort and proficiency in a performance setting. Say bye bye to those nerves! Just check out what our student Marlon and his dad have to say about it.

SO! If you’re considering taking lessons, have more questions or just really want to see a live show come by and meet the community. There will be food and drinks and we will also be featuring for the first time a very cool audio reactive live show. As our students play their prepared pieces we will be triggering live audio reactive visual projections.

You do not want to miss this!