Jam Session: Vol. 2

Saturday, August 24, 2019


Featuring guest artist Ben Levin!




The Jam Session is a workshop made available to 6 students and hosted by BDL instructors and professional musicians. The goal of these workshops? To learn the musical tools needed when playing in an ensemble, improvising and performing by jamming with the pro’s.

Students will prepare and perform song, beat and rhythmic excerpts with the guest musician to focus on musical domains like time, feel, groove, blending of sound, form, phrasing, and compositional development.

Each workshop will end with an improvised jam session allowing students the chance to put into practice the knowledge from the workshop.

All students are welcome regardless of experience and level! Expect to meet some of your fellow BDL peers, have fun playing with other musicians and get more comfortable creating music for yourself.


11am-1pm: Workshop

1-2pm: Lunch Break

2-3pm: Jam Session

Price: $98


Meet Ben

Ben Levin is a musician and animator who is self-described as “artsy fartsy.” He spends his time recording and touring with his bands Bent Knee and Ben Levin Group and making educational videos on his YouTube channel. He also makes animated music videos and composes music for podcasts and movies. Ben has released 14 albums, more than 300 YouTube videos, and played in dozens of countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Still, people ask him if he is “able to make a living at that” and until pretty recently, he’d lie and say yes. Now he still says yes, but it’s not a lie anymore. That’s really not the point though!


Meet Kyle

Kyle is the founder of Boston Drum Lessons and also the drummer for Ben Levin Group. Kyle has played on 4 Ben Levin Group Albums, and performed with Ben Levin in dozens of shows including a Berklee College of Music 5-week clinic with Bent Knee in the summer of 2018, and dozens of musical improv shows throughout New England.

Kyle has been drumming for 20 years and outside of teaching, running Boston Drum Lessons and writing music with Ben, he is also actively on tour with the Blue Man Group through North America, Europe and Asia playing drumset and percussion. He’s drummed and worked on 15 albums and has most recently been focused on writing electronic music using the digital sensor drum technology Sensory Percussion.

Other projects of Kyle’s include Goody Bag, Courtney SwainShibuiThat One Eyed Kid.

Join us as we help you explore a whole new side to your drumming and musicality.