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Students who wish to enroll in drum lessons with Boston Drum Lessons (“BDL”), a sole proprietorship, agree to the following policies. *
 Payment for Lessons: All lessons must be paid for prior to meeting with BDL instructors for scheduled lessons. This includes 30 minute and 60 minute lessons purchased on a subscription plan or individually.    Subscription Plan: Under the BDL subscription plan, students are billed every two (2) weeks from the date of sign up for two (2) lessons during that subscription cycle. Students are charged $125 bi-weekly for 60-minute lesson subscriptions, and $75 bi-weekly for 30-minute lesson subscriptions. Billing under the subscription plan is automatic and continuous until a change of status is requested by the student. Any cancellation within 24 hours of a scheduled lesson will not be rescheduled and the subscription plan will continue normally. See Change of Status section below for more information on pausing and un-enrollment.  Pausing Lessons: If temporary leave from lessons is required, BDL can suspend payments to the student’s subscription. All students planning to temporarily pause their subscriptions are required to fill out our Subscription Pause Form on our website to notify BDL management of their plans. Students seeking a subscription pause are required to provide at least 7 days notification to BDL instructors or management to pause their subscription. The pause on the continuous subscription charge becomes effective seven days after submission of the form. BDL requires its students to provide a specific return date for any paused lesson subscriptions. Subscriptions can be paused for any leave time between two (2) weeks to three (3) months. If a student is uncertain about the duration of his or her leave or expects to be gone for longer than 3 months it will be considered un-enrollment and fall under that policy as explained below.  Un-enrollment: BDL students can cancel their lesson subscriptions at any time. However, no refunds can be offered for lessons already paid for. All students planning to un-enroll and cancel their subscriptions are required to fill out our Subscription Un-enrollment Form on our website to notify BDL management of their plans and complete an exit survey. Students must provide intent of un-enrollment and completion of the Subscription Un-enrollment form with at least 7 days notification to BDL instructors and management before their next scheduled payment. If a student fills out the Subscription Un-enrollment Form with less than 7 days notification until his or her next scheduled bi-weekly payment the student will be charged for two more weeks of lessons.  Cancellations: BDL requires a minimum of 24 hours notice for any lesson cancellation. Any request to reschedule a lesson within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson cannot be made up at a later date, and the lesson will be forfeited without refund.  Student Rescheduling: If a request to cancel a lesson is given to an instructor with at least 24 hours notice the instructor will work with the student to find an alternative time to reschedule the lesson. All rescheduled lessons at the request of the student must be made up within 3 months from the initial request to reschedule.  Instructor Rescheduling: If and when an instructor has to reschedule lessons for professional or personal reasons, that instructor will work with the student to organize a reschedule. If a reschedule is not possible we will arrange a substitute teacher for your normally scheduled lesson. All lessons rescheduled at the request of the instructor do not expire.  Public Holidays: We will attempt to schedule around holidays that fall on days of scheduled lessons. If a reschedule is not possible the same week of the holiday conflict, then BDL will bank the student’s lesson to be rescheduled at a later time or by meeting for longer lesson times to make it up.  State of Emergency & Weather: If a state of emergency is declared or there is an outstanding circumstance that would warrant a shutdown of transportation or use of the roads, BDL may cancel lessons in response. Any lessons cancelled due to uncontrollable circumstances will be considered a lesson to be rescheduled. See policy regarding rescheduling above for more information.  Tuition increase: Each year BDL will reassess whether it is necessary to increase costs of lessons based on business objectives. BDL will notify students as to any tuition increase at least one month prior to the increase.  Privacy: Music pursuits are driven by creation, performance and publicity. Photos, videos or recordings that we take of BDL students (or are created by them) may be used for educational and promotional purposes on the web with the approval of the student or parent. Our students’ privacy is very important to us and we will honor all requests to keep their information private. If a student decides to consent to BDL recording, videotaping, or photographing my lessons, the student is required to fill out the Recording Consent Form.