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If you're a Watertown music lover who's interested in furthering their music education, get in touch with the talented instructors at Boston Drum Lessons right away! Our drum studio near Watertown, MA, is the perfect place to learn how to play the drums like a professional. Whether you're an adult hoping to pick up the sticks again and take music lessons like you used to, or you're a parent eager to sign their child up for music lessons with professional drummers, we have a drum class that's right for your needs. Stop searching for "drum lessons near me," and contact Boston Drum Lessons today!

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At Boston Drum Lessons, located near Watertown, MA, we have one goal in mind: We want to teach you how to be a great drummer! We're passionate about drumming, and we believe you will be, too, once you start jamming out with us. We offer music classes for students of all ages and skill levels, no matter your previous experience drumming. With every new student, we'll create a customized learning plan to ensure you get the most out of your drum lessons. This way, we can analyze your current skill level, personality, specific goals and favorite types of music, and build a music program that's perfect for your specific needs.

 Drum Lessons near Me

When you sign up to take drum lessons at our drum school near Watertown, MA, you'l quickly see the benefits of drumming. Not only can playing the drums help improve your memory and enhance your coordination, but it can help increase your confidence. We can teach you to play all types of music, too, which means you'll feel comfortable knowing you're playing your favorite tunes. It doesn't matter to us whether you like jazz, rock, pop, soul or funk music, our drum teachers will match your style. Go ahead, sign up for a drum lesson. You'll see that we'll be jamming out together in no time at all!

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 It's easy to get to Boston Drum Lessons from Watertown, MA. All you have to do is drive down Charles River Road to North Beacon Street. Turn onto Everett Street, and you'll find Boston Drum Lessons conveniently located at 52 Everett Street in Allston, MA. Or, you could take the 57 bus to Cambridge Street at Barrows Street, and walk a quick 5 minutes to get to our drum studio.

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